Criminal Justice

Convener, Criminal Justice Working Group:
Dani Rowland d…

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Longer Term Goals (How we measure the impact of our activity):

  • Give priority to efforts to repair the harm suffered by victims over attempts to punish offenders
  • Look for opportunities to take preventive action to identify and address the causes of crime
  • Replace costly incarceration through diversion, drug treatment, job training, and education whenever appropriate
  • Redress the racial inequity of our current criminal justice system
  • Support offenders’ efforts to redeem themselves and reintegrate into society
Objectives (Activities in the current year to support Goals):


A) Advocate:

  1. Legal financial obligations (LFOs): Address abuses in current laws.
  2. Earned release and sentencing reform, supporting newly formed Parole Coalition

B) Research, Monitor, and Inform as needed:

  1. Restorative Justice: Provide background on Colorado model, including state funding, to support
    potential legislation for restorative justice practices.
  2. Monitor efforts to repeal the death penalty, working with the Safe and Just Alternatives Campaign.
  3. Post-secondary education for prisoners: Repeal prohibition of use of state funds.
  4. Ombuds: Establishment of a corrections ombuds office independent from the Department of Corrections.


The Criminal Justice Working Group Practices