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Longer Term Goals (How we measure the impact of our activity):

  • Give priority to efforts to repair the harm suffered by victims over attempts to punish offenders
  • Look for opportunities to take preventive action to identify and address the causes of crime
  • Replace costly incarceration through diversion, drug treatment, job training, and education whenever appropriate
  • Redress the racial inequity of our current criminal justice system
  • Support offenders’ efforts to redeem themselves and reintegrate into society
Objectives (Activities in the current year to support Goals):

  1. Support second chance legislation. Provide review for prisoners with long sentences.
  2. Support higher education option for prisoners.
  3. Support background organizing to abolish the death penalty.
  4. Support ombuds bill.
  5. Gun violence. Support universal criminal background checks for firearms sales, in particular I-594, and publicize PowerPoint on gun fatalities.
  6. Restorative Justice. In preparation for further plans, organize data on current useof restorative justice and related procedures in Washington State.
  7. Modify Legal Financial Obligations (LFOs) to reduce jurisdictional disparity and the obstacles LFOs currently create for re-entry, without compromising restoration of victims.
  8. Support the Youth Opportunities Act to increase reformed youths’ success by restricting access to juvenile records of arrests and charges that were dismissed, deferred, or were not adjudicated.

The Criminal Justice Working Group will:

  • Organize and make available research documents related to best practices and reform initiatives concerning criminal justice
  • Consult with the FCWPP Legislative Committee and the Legislative Advocate, providing the working group’s research materials to the Committee and the Advocate and seeking direction from the Committee and the Advocate about new issues of concern on a timely basis
  • Provide a medium for hearing from prisoners and their families, prison guards, and probationary and other officials

Normally, Friends will constitute the primary membership of the Working Group, but other may be included for their expertise. The Clerk of FCWPP and the Clerk of the Legislative Committee will be ex officio members of the Criminal Justice Working Group. The Clerk of the Working Group will be an ex officio member of the Legislative Committee and have the option of being a member of the Executive Committee.

Meetings can be face to face and by conference call. Meeting Notes will be kept and circulated within the Working Group and to the Legislative Committee.

The Criminal Justice Working Group will conduct an annual evaluation of its mission, practice, and effectiveness each spring or early summer.

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