Economic Justice

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Guidelines for the Work of the FCWPP Economic Justice Working Group

The FCWPP Economic Justice Working Group assumes primary responsibility to identify, research, and recommend ways in which FCWPP might most effectively address issues concerning economic inequity, economically or physically challenged individuals, and programs needed to maintain good physical health in Washington State. The overall mission of the Working Group is to bring Friends’ testimonies to public policy on these issues in Washington State. Individual members of a Working Group may deal with only one of the issues involved.

Longer Term Goals (How we measure the impact of our activity):

  • Protect the safety net for economically or physically challenged state residents, permitting them to be
    healthier contributors to their communities and better achieve their full potential
  • Prevent levels of disparity in wealth and opportunity that lead to social dysfunction and increased
    criminal activity
  • Create and maintain programs, systems, and institutions required to keep people in good physical and
    behavioral health

Objectives (Activities in the current year to support Goals):


A) Advocate:

  • Restore mental health services, case management and housing for mentally ill people, including small-scale group homes, licensed and regulated by the state; support adult behavioral task force.
  • Provide housing for families in financial crisis, including single people, teens, and homeless families with developmentally disabled or mentally ill members.

B) Research, Monitor, and Inform as needed:

  • Support safety-net programs, including WIC food programs, job training, and free child-care for low-income working families and students.
  • Support efforts to reform the tax structure to be more equitable, more just, more stable, and to increase revenue needed to fairly provide opportunities to all state residents.
  • Support Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) proposals to eliminate high stakes testing requirements for high school graduation

Economic Justice Working Group Practices