Responsibilities of Meeting and Worship Group Representatives to the FCWPP Steering Committee

Approved August 20, 2013

The Steering Committee of the Friends Committee on Washington Public Policy (FCWPP) is its governing body, the “board.” It generally meets three times annually: on the Friday night of Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meetings in April and September (historically at Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center near Ellensburg) and in January near the beginning of the Legislative Session in the Puget Sound area. The September meeting is the “annual meeting” of the governing body.

Each Meeting may have two representatives to Steering Committee. Each Worship Group may have one. Members-at-large may be appointed by Steering Committee, but may not be equal to or more than the number of representatives.

Representatives provide the primary liaison between FCWPP and each worship community, carrying news and concerns back and forth between their Meetings and Worship Groups and Executive and Legislative Committees through the Steering Committee. It is expected that representatives will

  • Attend and participate in Steering Committee meetings, or if possible arrange for a substitute to attend in their absence;
  • Take to their home meeting or worship group information about FCWPP priorities and positions on issues and request meeting support for them, as well as information from Steering Committee meetings. The latter may include Legislative Alerts and other information provided to representatives for communication within their Meetings/WGs through announcements, newsletters or other forms of communication;
  • Bring to the FCWPP Steering Committee issues and concerns about public policy from the representative’s Meeting or Worship Group – either positions on issues already pursued by FCWPP or proposals for new issues for FCWPP to address;
  • At least once annually to ask the home meeting or worship group to consider financial support or increased financial support for FCWPP;
  • Representatives may also participate in other FCWPP sponsored gatherings as possible.

Because participation in Steering Committee may be the first step a Friend makes in bringing Friends’ values and testimonies to public policy, FCWPP leadership has a responsibility to support and nurture that interest, e.g., by providing representatives with information in a form convenient for passing on to Meetings/WGs. Representatives should feel free to ask questions of the Legislative Advocate and FCWPP leadership, and to solicit support in their role as needed.