local responses to global challenges such as air pollution If you would like to learn how to become part of the Environmental Stewardship and Peace Working Group contact

Clerk: Leni Skarin Len…@gmail.com

Longer Term Goals (How we measure the impact of our activity):

  • Maintain the environmental balance that supports the needs of all living creatures while also protecting public health and providing an improved quality of life
  • Ensure an improved economic future by not wasting or compromising our environmental resources
  • Provide local control over state assets to increase state resources

Objectives (Activities in the current year to support Goals):

A) Advocate

  1. Seek opportunities in the Governor’s proposals to support price-based (carbon tax) and emissions-based (cap-and-trade) market mechanisms to reduce Climate Change.
  2. Support a statewide transportation funding package; look for opportunities to support alternative transit initiatives including accessible mass transit, non-motorized transportation (such as biking and walking), and the Special Needs Transportation Fund.
  3. Oppose increased transport of oil by rail and promote safer oil transportation.
  4. Oppose development of port facilities for coal export and associated coal transport by railroad.
  5. Watch for and Oppose efforts to erode environmental protections.

B) Research, Monitor and Inform as needed:

  1. Oppose efforts to include biomass-based power plants as “renewable energy.”
  2. Support revision of Washington’s fish consumption data to safeguard against industrial toxins.
  3. Oppose expansion of Navy training activity and electronic facilities in the Olympic National Forest area.

B) Research, Monitor and Inform as needed: