Environmental Stewardship and Peace

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Longer Term Goals (How we measure the impact of our activity):

  • Maintain the environmental balance that supports the needs of all living creatures while also protecting public health and providing an improved quality of life
  • Ensure an improved economic future by not wasting or compromising our environmental resources
  • Provide local control over state assets to increase state resources

 Environmental Stewardship and Peace (ESP) January 14, 2016 Objectives

(Activities in the current year to support Goals):
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OBJECTIVE BACKGROUND 2016 Anticipated Legislative Action
1. Seek opportunities to
support carbon tax and/or
carbon emissions
regulations by monitoring
action on I­732,
Department of Ecology
development of carbon
emissions rules, and
initiative to be proposed by
the Alliance for Jobs and
Clean Energy.
The Carbon WA initiative has
been approved to go to the
Legislature, which is expected
to punt, and send it on to the
November ballot for the
general electorate. An
Alliance representative says it
does not plan an initiative this
year, but is planning one for
Unfortunately, Carbon WA and the
Alliance, although ostensibly
seeking the same objective of
reducing carbon emissions, have
been critical of each other and have
come across as opposing groups ­­
a situation that may compromise
chances for I­732 to pass.
2. Encourage renewal (by
2020) of state tax
incentives for solar power
Support HB2346, a bipartisan bill
that would replace the solar
installation incentive program.
3. Oppose increased transport
of oil by rail and promote
safer oil transportation
A stronger oil­ transport safety bill
may be pursued again this year.
4. Oppose development of
port facilities for oil and
coal export and associated
transport by rail.
We recommend oral and
written testimony for the
Ridgefield and Spokane
hearings on the proposed
Tesoro­Savage oil terminal at
Written testimony to:
[email protected].Click Public Comments link on:


for more
5. Watch for and oppose efforts
to erode environmental
Monitor the weekly Hot Lists
distributed by the WA
Environmental Council, which
provide up­to­date information
concerning bills relating to the
To sign up for Hot Lists, go to: