The specific purposes for which the corporation is formed are to educate members of the Religious Society of Friends and other citizens regarding public policy issues in the state of Washington, and to educate policy-making officials in the various branches of state government with respect to issues which touch upon deeply held Friends values and concerns.

The membership of the corporation shall consist of the persons sitting on its Steering Committee, which shall constitute the board of directors of the corporation. The Executive Committee shall act on behalf of the Steering Committee between its meetings to the extent necessary to carry out the purposes of the corporation. Read FCWPP Bylaws.

Executive Committee

Read FCWPP Standing Committee Responsibilies



Clerk: Sam Merrill (360) 866-8839 SamM…
Assistant Clerk: Position open. If interested in the position, please contact FCWPP clerk, SamM…
Secretary: Barbara Luetke BLu…
Treasurer: Bob Kuehn trea…
Clerk of Legislative Committee: position open
If interested in the position, please contact FCWPP clerk, SamM…
Clerk of Finance and Fundraising Committee K. Terry Thorsos thor…
Clerk of Criminal Justice Working Group: Tom Ewell (360) 341-1457 tew…
Clerk of Local Responses to Global Challenges Working Group: Leni Skarin Leni Skarin Len…
Clerk of Economic Justice Working Group: Steven Aldrich Aldr…
Legislative Advocate and Policy Analyst: Steven Aldrich Aldr…

Steering Committee

Read Responsibilities of Meeting-WG Representatives to FCWPP



At Large Steve Aldrich
At Large Dorene Cornwall
At Large Merlin Rainwater
Bellingham Larry Thompson
Eastside Sue Burrus
Eastside Terry Thorsos
Olympia Sam Merrill
Port Townsend Steve Evans
Port Townsend Peter Guerrero
Pullman-Moscow George Mancini
Salmon Bay Barbara Luetke
Sky Valley Worship Group Jean Roberts
South Seattle Sam Perry
Walla Walla Dan Clark
Whidbey Island Tom Ewell

Technical Managers

Database Manger Sue Burrus
Website Manager Cathy Thomas